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Travis Richardson

6 Reasons why Your New Year’s Resolutions might Fail

I was just sitting here reflecting on a little “situation” we have right now…

It’s called New Year’s Resolutions….  <insert face of anxious excitement with a bit of horror here>

We are literally 12 days away from 2015!!!   For people like me, who are in the business of helping people reach their goals,
we have our work cut out for us!


Because statistically, only 8% of people who make goals for the year actually achieve them!

So I thought I’d share 6 common reasons people fail and what to do about them. These all address what really cause people to not stick with it, even with the best intentions.

1.  People fail to plan.  Most people just say they want to work out more, start eating healty and lose weight.  This is not AT ALL a plan.  It is simply being what I
call interested without actually being committed.  You know what I mean?  It’s like that movie, “He’s Just Not Into You.”  :)  People think they know what they want, but they really aren’t 100% So the solution… Come up with a detailed plan, with SPECIFICS and GOALS along with MILESTONES!  

2.  Too high of expectations.  I can’t tell you how many times I get the question in the gym: “Travis, if I work out twice a day, will I lose weight faster and get my results quicker?”  The answer is always the same… You’ll burn yourself out within 2 weeks and you will quit the program.  So NO, you won’t get results faster!
The goal is never rapid weight loss.  It’s about finding a way of living in this modern, sedentary world, that works for you.  It’s about nourishing your body with LIFE, and MOVING your body to a tune that is all your own!  Be realistic and be kind to you… Don’t sabotage your efforts by creating expectations that are impossible.

3.  Make exercise and meal planning an appointment.  You wouldn’t think of skipping out on an appointment with your boss right?  Well that’s the level of sincerity you should be taking when it comes to doing the activities associated with your health.  You do NOT compromise… You would never put your family in financial jeopardy, so why would you
want to put your or your family in health jeopardy?  :)  Set the following in your planner:  (1) exercise, (2) meal planning for the week (3) shopping for the week and make it a non-negotiable.  Problem solved!  BAM!

4. Think about crowding
We all know the best way to get rid of a pesky ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend right?  It’s getting a NEW boyfriend or girlfriend!  LOL!  Seriously though, this applies to food… Don’t worry about what you are letting go of, just start eating more of what you want… Soon enough, the thing that you shouldn’t be eating goes away on its own–like your pesky ex… :)  HEHEHE!  I mean that in all good fun, I actually LOVE my ex like a

5. Enjoy the simple act of FEELING.  I actually, at the end of the kickboxing classes that I teach, tell people to close their eyes, relax, and see if they can feel how fricking awesome they feel.  Sooooo many times people get up off
the mat and they rush to the dressing room, rush to the car, rush to drive home, rush to make supper, rush to be exhausted and then collapse.
 If you take just 30 seconds, and NOTICE, maybe for the first time even, how good you feel when you workout, I bet you anything you will want more of it!  Same goes for food… Notice how you feel before, during, after, and up to 2 hours after.  Your feeling is your thermometer… Use it, and it will never let you down.

6. No accountability.  You MUST have someone who looks after you.  I have a business coach for instance.  She won’t let me down, is always there for me, and she’s going to make sure I hit my goals in 2015.  I’m convinced with absolute certainty we all need a coach if we are really going to change permanently.  The people I see do the best are those with a minimum of an accountability partner, possibly even a support group, but ideally a trained professional who can coach them through the times when it’s hard and they feel like they want to give up.  Because trust me, those times will come.  They always do!

Need some more ideas?  Hop on a call with me!  I’m loaded with ideas.  :)

—->>> Let’s talk! <<<—

ps… Did I mention I have the ultimate program that combines nutrition, fitness & mindset?  I’m doing lots of Q&A these days on it… Questions?  Let’s talk!

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