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Conscious Weight Loss: The mindbody connection

How did your weekend go?
I personally had an amazing time at my mom’s house for mother’s day and enjoyed family.
There were so many awesome things to eat, and it just made me realize how much we intertwine family, love, feelings, food, etc.
The truth is love /= food.
Here’s the right equation, Love = People
Food just happens to be something we do while we connect and love each other.
I’m on a mission this week to explore the mind-body connection and weight loss.  Therefore I’ve decided to do a LIVE webinar on the topic this Thursday, May 14th at 2:00PM CST.
In my 200 hour yoga training (and my massage therapy training) I learned firsthand the power of the mind and how what we think, what we feel, and what’s going on inside ALWAYS guides what is happening on the outside.
Yoga means YOKE, and it teaches us that what’s “in here” is also “out there” and vice versa.  The world is simply a reflection of us, and we are a reflection of the world we see.
So…… how does that relate to weight loss?  Well, it does!  In a very big way.  You will never learn to release that which doesn’t serve you (extra weight) until you learn to release the inner blocks that keep the weight on…
Often, for instance, extra weight shows up as fat around the midsection.  What are you protecting yourself from?  Or weight shows up as a way to keep us from feeling beautiful because deep down we have resistance to really shining!
I want to do a special webinar dedicated to the Mind-Body connection and weight loss…
Will you join me?
We will be going over the following:

Your motivation behind your thoughts and actions

Practical information on soul-work & spiritual eating

Uncovering your subconscious drives

Stopping negative self talk & creating a new story

Ending emotional eating by keeping your emotional tank on FULL.

Managing your energy

Body Scanning, visualizations, affirmations & other tools

How your beliefs create your biology

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Did you miss last week's webinar on High Energy Nutrition & Metabolism?
CLICK HERE for the replay!

Nutrition Challenge - Eat spotted bananas!   
Why spotted?  Here's why:  (1) They fight cancer better... A Japanese study showed that spotted bananas create more TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) than non-spotted.  (2) Easier to digest (3) Raise dopamine (your feel good hormone) levels
Fitness 101 - Focus on the eccentric
Every lift has a concentric (squeezing or contracting) and an eccentric (letting go or relaxing) phase.  We often PUMP those weights up, and just let them down super easy... Research shows though, there is a LOT you can gain in terms of growth if you concentrate on the "letting down" or eccentric phase of the lift.  So for instance, in bicep curls, the eccentric phase is when you lower the weights as opposed to when you lift them up.
Mindset Mastery - What I'm reading right now
I'm reading a great book called, "Authentic Happiness" by the father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, ph.D.  The book is about using positive psychology to realize your potential.  If you want to up your emotional IQ, this book is for you... Super practical and easy to understand.

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