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Travis Richardson

How To Get Rockstar Energy & Metabolism

Wow I had a great weekend!
I presented at a local Raw Food Meetup group on one of my fav topics—->GREEN SMOOTHIES!


So why are raw food presentations my favorite? 
Super simple… In my bodyshaping and weight loss programs, they are the single
most effective tool for nutritional transformation…


I’ve literally now given this same presentation to thousands of people and have spread
the raw food movement to so many!!!  My community is healthier as a result!


Some of the best results in my gym have come from those who have learned
to adopt green smoothies as a lifestyle change.
One of the best benefits of raw food and green smoothies though, is the crazy energy you get!
When I started using green smoothies, I drank 2 quarts per day, and as a result started having
energy into the evening like 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and beyond, where normally I’d just feel tired and exhausted…
I woke up feeling refreshed, organized, and had clarity about my day.
No groggy feeling, no baggy eyes, tons of energy!


So…. in honor of the energy shift that I know happens on green smoothies,
I want to do a special webinar dedicated to energy enhancement in general,
and on boosting your metabolism…


Will you join me?


We will be going over the following:
  • How to differentiate between high and low energy foods
  • Tips on how to boost your metabolism naturally
  • The importance of HOW you eat
  • A new view on fructose, sugar and fat
  • Simple protocols I know that work
  • The brain chemistry of fatigue
  • The importance of understanding the thyroid and adrenals
  • How to restore balance with amino acids
  • Tools to optimize energy
Nutrition Challenge Get your sodium a different way!   
Munch on celery if you have some salty cravings this week, and watch them vanish before your very eyes!!  :)


Fitness 101 – Just dance
Throw some music on and dance.  Music, movement, dance inspires and brings joy to the heart… We have lost so much of this in our culture!  I remember when I was in Africa how we danced multiple times a day… Really any time there was celebration it was time to move!!!  We need more of that here in the US…


Mindset Mastery – Love when its hard
This weekend my girlfriend Tara and I (see picture below) were in a bit of an argument… There was an awkward silence, you know, the kind that usually ensues after a stalemate?  Well, anyway I just decided screw this, I’m not gonna do that!  So I leaned over hugged her and said “I’m sorry, I love you, let’s not do this.”  And EVERYTHING SHIFTED!  Instantly.  It was hard, because my ego wanted to be right about the situation… But the ego always wants to be right… Here is the thing…. Do you want to be right or do you want loveTHey are two different things.





“Fire It UP!  High Energy Nutrition & Metabolism”

Date: Thursday, April 30th
Time 3:00PM CST
Learn the Secrets of how to have a 
Rockstar Metabolism and Insane Energy!
Much love!
PS… Do you need help with metabolism and energy?  Totally here for ya!  Oh, and if you ask nicely I’ll share my secret formula for insane morning energy!!!  :)

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