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Hypnosis highly effective for weight loss

Imagine losing your cravings for good, with little effort.

Or imagine eating all the right things with little resistance.  How about feeling a lot more sexy as you are now?  Hypnosis is a viable way to lose weight, feel sexy and is truly a smart way to change underlying subconscious programming that holds you back.

The proof is in the pudding. 

Tons of studies show the effectiveness of hypnosis therapy for weight loss.  One study showed that hypnosis is over 30 times as effective not using hypnosis.  In this study, 60 females, 20% of them overweight received hypnotherapy for weight loss.  The result was an average of 17 pounds lost by the hypnosis group vs. 0.5 pounds lost by the control group.   [Cochrane, Gordon; Friesen, 1986]
Another study showed that subects continue to lose weight 2 years after their program has finished.  109 people completed a behavioral treatment program with and without hypnosis.  At the 2 year follow-up, the hypnosis group continued to lose significant weight, while the control group showed little further change. [1985]

A third study showed that adding hypnosis to other treatments for weight reduction techniques doubled average weight loss.  [Kirsch, Irving, 1996]

So how does it work?

First, we’re always hearing messages from the media like, “you aren’t sexy”, “you need to lose weight”, “you need product x to be beautiful”, and “people will accept you more if you are beautiful”.  Maybe you’ve always been told you were fat.  So you’ve told yourself the same story over the years.  That story is a solid imprint in your mind, and now, no matter what diet, what program, what thing you do, the weight stays.  Is this familiar?

Hypnosis isn’t like taking a pill..

It really is about putting a new story, a new thought about who you are, into you mind.  We need something that works on the level of feelings, patterns and unconscious fear.  We need a technique that works on what you feel rather than just what you think.  We all make the vast majority of our decisions based on emotion.  So hypnosis allows new feelings to emerge and be utilized to feel better about eating healthy, working out, etc…

Hypnosis is about a new story.

What do you think would happen if at a deep level, you had a new story that said, “I am slim”, “I am beautiful”, “I love eating veggies”, “I love working out and burning fat”?  In yoga, we talk about the mind and body being “yoked” together.  What the mind thinks and feels, the body becomes… So we put a new story in the mind, and the body simply obeys.

You have everything you need.

The great thing is that with hypnosis, you are using YOUR internal resources… You don’t need a crash diet, or insane workout program.  You just need to look within and draw on your existing power to make change happen.

What you visualize, will manifest

The power of hypnosis lies in the power of something you probably are already doing.  I remember when I was training at the US Olympic Training Center and how I constantly visualized my moves, strategies, etc. that I would employ in my martial arts matches.  The visualization I did allowed my to win 6 national championships.  I literally became the moves I visualized, and it worked.  Hypnosis is doing the same thing, but on a deeper, more profound level-The subconscious. The great thing, is the majority of who we are is based in the subconscious.  So if we can change that, we can create a different expression of us.

Want to try it for yourself?

I am launching a program on February 16th that uses hypnosis, among other things, to lose weight in 28 days!


Here is information on the program.

However, I recommend talking to me first prior to enrolling, so you can understand the different options available.



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