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Written by
Travis Richardson

I’d love my body if…

I’d love my body if ____, and then I’d finally feel _____.

How many times have you said to this yourself?

If I can just lose x amount of pounds,
If I can just remove these wrinkles,
If I can just get rid of this belly pooch,
If I can just _________  

Then I’d finally be happy….

How many years have you repeated this cycle?

Diet after diet….
Workout after workout….
Program after program…
Coach after coach….
Year after year…

Here’s the deal…there is another way…

What I’ve noticed is that success requires the opposite.
You must love your body as it is, RIGHT NOW…
That is the only way your body will shift for goodin accord with your deep
belief about your self.

That is a UNIVERSAL LAW…. Put simply…
You can’t have or be what you don’t feel…

I will always remember one of my clients, and to keep her anonymous, let’s call her Lacy.

Lacy came to me with about 100 pounds to lose.
She was desperate.
But she was determined.

She started working out, started changing her diet.
After 3 months, she had only lost 2 pounds…

Now, most of my clients would quit and give up, OR
they would try a new program, diet, approach.

But not Lacy…
She dug in, really started giving everything she had.

In addition to working out harder, and cleaning up her diet, she did something else.

Lacy started to have more fun…
She started going out more.
She found a boyfriend she enjoyed.
She took more vacation days and did fun vacations.
She formed a “tribe” in our workout program.

Lacy started to really live her life with passion!
Month 6 she lost 25 pounds.
By month 9 she had lost 50 pounds.
By month 16 she had lost 100+ pounds!

So what was different?

  • She didn’t give up after 3 months.
  • She didn’t wait to be happy to live her life.
  • She surrounded herself with positivity and support.
  • She took consistent action and enjoyed incremental change.
  • She had a big vision for herself.
  • She felt her vision… and she did it NOW…

Recently I’ve been researching how people change, and what creates
habits that last.


Here’s another key…


You are much more.

Your body is something you have but it isn’t who you are.
Do you see the difference?  It means your happiness actually has nothing to do with your body.

Does your house make your happy?
Does your car make you happy?
Does your career make you happy?
Does your spouse, children, friends, make you happy?
Does your body  make you happy?

If your happiness depends on all of those things, then your happiness
will constantly be in flux, and totally dependent on external circumstances.

The Truth: You are something far greater…

I’m learning this from watching my son go through his torturous experience with colitis.

I’m watching him waste away, his body racked with the ravages of colitis.

What I’m finding is that something in him is cracking open.  He’s giving up on his desire
to be “big”.  He’s giving up on his ideal “warrior” archetype that he was striving for,
and instead is considering a new “healer” archetype.

You see, Kiernan was told by his football coaches he was too thin.  
They encouraged him to eat more, whole pizzas, ice cream, whatever
it would take.  And he listened.  He wanted so much to be that big,
powerful football player (warrior)…. He thought that’s who he was.

I believe he’s realizing now that being strong,
being big, being a warrior isn’t important.

He’s been cracked wide open through his suffering…

He’s realizing his personal “body” isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

He’s creating a new vision for himself.
Through that vision he will attract the life he really wants.
That life has nothing to do with being “big”.

He is learning that the body comes and goes, it is to be treated with love, but
ultimately we need to move beyond putting so much of our identity on our
body, our weight, our body fat %, our measurements…

They change…

So how about you?

Are you ready to accept that…

  • You are not your body
  • You are not your wallet
  • You are not your house
  • You are not your lawn
  • You are not your car
  • You are not your children

You are a beautiful expression, just as you are.
You needn’t do anything.

Lastly, there is another little secret (lean in close for this one)
If you keep putting off X until Y is completed,
your ideal life will always exist in the future.

You can have your ideal body, life, whatever you desire.
But you have to start living that way NOW.

You know, there is always a blessing, no matter what your circumstance.
You just have to look for it. In my son’s case, and when most families
have a loved one that is ill, it brings them together.

Do you need help with body image?  Are you stuck waiting for the future
to be happy?  Don’t wait.  Start now.

1 Spot has recently come available to coach with me privately…

You know if it’s for you…

Talk to me.

PS…. You are worth it.  Let’s get started.

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