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Is the Udacity Nanodegree in Digital Marketing a Good value_


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Is the Udacity Nanodegree in Digital Marketing a Good value?

Forrester Research is predicting that the U.S. alone will spend $40 billion on digital marketing by 2021.  This is a 70% increase over what the current spending, from just a year ago, in 2017.

The need for high-quality digital marketing education is rising rapidly to meet the demand.  Companies like Udacity, Udemy and Coursera are all competing for students and adding digital marketing courses as fast as they can.  I actually recently spoke with a Udacity representative and they said they have plans in the works to grow their digital marketing portion of their offerings substantially in the near future!

All of these online learning platforms vary in their strategy and approach, and while it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss the differences (other blogs do that, here is one good one), it is worth mentioning how Udacity is innovating education and how Udacity and its Nanodegree in Digital Marketing stands out (in my humble opinion, and no I’m not getting paid here!) amongst the rest.

Why I chose Udacity…

I have been doing what I can best describe as guerilla marketing, for about 10 years.  I’ve owned my own gym business, my own health coaching business, and while I’ve achieved success in both, I have never felt like I really blew the roof off either one.  I always felt like I saw other people doing marketing better than I was, and getting the results I wished I had.

I knew I had great products and services, but people weren’t hearing about them.  In short, I’ve been quite frustrated over the years.  And now, I find myself not able to do live my passion full-time (health and wellness) and am working as an engineer.  Which is ok, but not 30 years more ok… You get me?

So recently I recently heard about someone getting a job at an AI company doing marketing, and he did it WITH just a Nanodegree from Udacity!  He has no other training in either field!  Mind blown, I got excited about the company and what they were doing… What IS this new hotness? 

So why is Udacity the new hotness?

Simply put, it is solving the existing problems of traditional education, and the debt that ensues.  The company is offering what it calls a “Nanodegree” because it packs the most industry-relevant content that it can into an affordable, short timeframe.  It prepares you for jobs immediately upon exiting.

For me, I was excited about the Digital Marketing Nanodegree from Udacity because it could be completed in 3 months, I could do the course wherever and whenever I wanted (yes there is an app for that), and was a 360-degree approach to digital marketing, which really did cover all the bases I was looking for:

  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics and Measurement (Google Analytics)

The best thing about it is that I could earn a certificate and put this on my resume.  How great would it be if down the road I could talk my company into allowing me a lateral move from engineering to marketing! Or who knows, maybe I want to expand my coaching or start something new!  Skies the limit with proper marketing know-how…

Does a Certificate from Udacity Matter?

I see this in 4 parts:
1. Recruiters are smart

Most recruiters recognize certificates, and with companies like Udacity taking the lead, graduates from Udacity will be in-demand and are sought after.  The great thing is that the same companies that partner with Udacity to teach the course, actually end up hiring the graduates!  Smart.

2. A Udacity certificate is relevant

The Udacity Nanodegree in digital marketing, as mentioned above, covers all the key aspects of marketing, but they don’t stop there… The great thing is all the courses are project-based, which means you don’t just take quizzes and exams, you actually create marketing projects in real-time with actual budgets and timelines.

3. A Udacity certificate demonstrates passion

A Udacity certificate shows that you are passionate about marketing.  If you are like me and don’t have formal training or a degree in marketing, this is the way you can effectively communicate your desire.  Most recruiters and companies have their way of doing things anyway and will teach you how they want you to do the job.  They just need to know you WANT IT!!!!

4. A Udacity certificate integrate with LinkedIn

The great thing is you can demonstrate your achievement by integrating into your social media profile on LinkedIn, which is awesome for attracting recruiters to your resume.


The Udacity Nanodegree, in my opinion, is well worth the money.  Udacity has partnered with key companies like HootSuite, Moz, Hubspot, Google, Facebook, and MailChimp and these same partners actually recruit the graduates!  WIN-WIN in my book!  With flexible scheduling, a great #Slack community, and amazing mentors and teachers, I am already feeling much more confident in my marketing abilities.

If you are interested in the Udacity Nanodegree in Digital Marketing, I encourage you to take a tour of their offering!

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For more on whether or not certificates are valuable to companies, read this.

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