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New Year's Eve 2015


Written by
Travis Richardson

Happy New Year’s Coaching!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Shewwww!  How did you do last night?  :)

One thing is for certain, and that is that if you are reading this, you made it through the holiday season! Ok, so here’s the deal… My guess is you aren’t feeling as light and energized post-holiday as you were pre-holiday… Me either!   A little turkey here, a little pie there, some choice beverages last night…

Here’s my point of view…

2015 Should be a Total Life Detox and Life Shift for you.

We tend to accumulate a lot of garbage during the year.  In 2014 you may have accumulated some undesirables: more weight, more fatigue, more toxicity, more inflammation, more emotional baggage, more spiritual lethargy.  You may have lost energy, enthusiasm, vitality, and you are frustrated.  So here you are, the 1st day of 2015 and you are considering a plan of attack, as you should be.  Because this is the most exciting time of the year!  You get to plan the New You!!!! 

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a plan to help you with your resolutions, not just for 2015, but for 2025, 2035, and beyond…

And here it is…

Ready to get moving?  Let’s discuss your goals!

You know, I’ve always asked myself, what would I want for myself, in an ideal world, that I would offer someone else?  My answer has always been the same:

A comprehensive, fun approach to combining the key elements of nutrition, fitness & mindset into one cohesive system that centers around community and group effort, that gets myself and my clients results.

You know, I’ve seen literally over a 1000 people sign up at my gyms and so many of them don’t get the results they are looking for.  Why?  Because they don’t have the system.  They don’t have me front and center helping them along the way.  They aren’t putting it all together.  So they drop out, and they try something else.  And around and around they go.

I literally created this online health coaching platform SPECIFICALLY because I’ve seen such disappointing results in the gym.  So here is my plan for those of you who want to truly “show up”, and do the work that it takes to change your life for good.  This is the plan I’m offering in my 12 month LifeShift program.

LIFEShift 12 Month Components

Quarterly Raw Food Seasonal Detox

We will be doing quarterly 14-day detoxes.  The first one is scheduled for February 7, 2014 as part of the 12 month group program.  These detoxes are gentle, use whole, raw foods, and can be done at your own pace.  Each detox we do, you may choose to advance a little more.

Quarterly 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Every quarter, we will be doing a fitness challenge with  me leading the way.  Every participant gets a FITBIT activity tracker that we will use to track points.  Awards and recognition given to those that stick with the program!  This isn’t a competitive program, but I have introduced this element to keep it fun, light, and goal oriented.

2 Planned Races or Personally Directed Challenges

I’m a strong believer in setting up some adventures for yourself that push you to work hard.  Each participant will choose either 2 races (1 mile run, 5k, 10k, half marathon or more, etc) or a challenge of their own design.  We will hold you accountable while you go for it!

2-3 Group Coaching Calls Per Month
Bi-weekly calls where you get to ask questions, stay accountable, and be part of a team.  These calls are used to go over homework, etc.


6 Private Coaching Sessions with yours truly

Each participant gets six (6) 30 minute sessions with me where I take you a lot deeper in an area you want to go.  For instance, you may want to know about amino acids to help with mood, or emotional eating.  Or you want a meal plan or workout ideas… Totally up to you!

Online Community + Email Support
We will be regularly using a Facebook group to stay in touch, post results, etc.  You have 24/7 email support with me as well.



Get ready for some amazing recipes to come your way!

Personal Training & Meal Planning

Need advice that only a trainer and holistic health coach can provide?  I’m all about the workout planning and meal planning!

A ridiculous # of modules to keep you engaged and learning:
  1.     Goal Setting
  2.     Finding what moves you-Fitness, Dance, and Movement
  3.     Keeping Track
  4.     Detox Program #1
  5.     Fitness Challenge #1
  6.     Nutritional Rehab Part 1- Boosting Mood, Alleviating stress & correcting deficiencies
  7.     Raw Food & Portion Control
  8.     Vitamins & supplements
  9.     Nutritional Rehab Part 2- Balancing the Thyroid and Adrenals
  10.     Essential Oils
  11.     Exercise & Assessment
  12.     Boosting the metabolism naturally
  13.     Daily protocols & regimens that work
  14.     Food Preparation
  15.     Environment & Communication
  16.     Detox Program #2
  17.     Fitness Challenge #2
  18.     Detox & Cleanse
  19.     Self Care
  20.     Relationships & Love Languages
  21.     Mindset Part 2: Body Scanning, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  22.     Eating & Travel
  23.     Fat burning & weight loss
  24.     Assessment
  25.     Yoga Part 1: Simple effective yoga routines
  26.     Goals & Community Support
  27.     Know Yourself
  28.     Detox Program #3
  29.     Fitness Challenge #3
  30.     Yoga Part 2: Rhythmic breathing & Yoga therapy
  31.     Negative Thoughts & Inflammation
  32.     Fun & Laughter
  33.     Sugar
  34.     Mindset Part 3: Meditation
  35.     Reflection
  36.     Assessment
  37.     Gourmet Raw foods and super easy raw recipes
  38.     Habits & Addiction
  39.     Stress
  40.     Detox Program #4
  41.     Fitness Challenge #4
  42.     Juicing, smoothies & simple fasting
  43.     Motivation
  44.     Nutritional Basics
  45.     Healing auto-immune and inflammatory issues
  46.     Lifetime Intentions
  47.     Assessment

So here’s the thing….

You already know what you want for 2015.  You have known probably for a long time how you should be eating, when you should be working out, when you need to take care of yourself, but you just haven’t put a plan in place.

I’m a firm believer in planning.  You really NEED to have a strong vision for yourself and commitment to not give up this year.  So many people are counting on you, right?

So let’s do this together!

Won’t you join us for the 2015 LifeShift Group program?

I’d love to hop on a quick call and answer any questions.

—->>> Let’s talk! <<<— 

PS… Did I mention I have the ultimate program that combines nutrition, fitness & mindset?  I’m doing lots of Q&A these days on it… Questions?  Let’s talk!

PPS… If you’ve read this far you are in luck!  The next person who signs up for my program will get the chance to include one (1) of their friends or family members for fre*99.   This offer expires Wednesday, January 7th at midnight. 

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