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Written by
Travis Richardson

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I created my own gym that specializes in weight loss and body shaping. It combines nutrition, fitness & mindset into one program. Now, with this cleanse, I am bringing all that experience with people that have the exact same goals as you, to deliver the results you want.

What I know for sure is that most people aren’t sure what to do. They need structure, but more importantly they need a COMMUNITY and a GUIDE to help them get their goals.

What I love most about my gym is the DETOX guidance I provide.

The truth is that we are bombarded daily by toxins.  Everything from our air to water to the foods we eat all contain harmful carcinogenic compounds detrimental to our health.  So what is the answer?  To periodically cleanse the body.

What I’ve created is a 14 day cleanse program that is designed to incorporate RAW FOODS, some simple FITNESS routines, and daily MEDITATIONS with affirmations to get you back on track.

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