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Next 14 Day Detox coming up December 8th!

Are you ready to RESET, REBOOT & RECHARGE?

The summer months can do a lot of damage! Maybe you haven’t been hitting the gym quite like you used to, your self-care has fallen, and you’re not eating the best. It’s been a while since you’ve really felt proud of your nutrition, your fitness and maybe even your spiritual practice.

Are you ready to REBOOT?

You’re feeling sluggish. You’re feeling tired of being tired. You’re feeling like you are ready for a shift.
  • You aren’t sure where to start
  • You feel like it’s tough to get organized
  • You hate going at it alone
  • Planning is always a pain, and you’d rather not!
I created my own gym that specializes in weight loss and body shaping. It combines nutrition, fitness & mindset into one program. Now, with this cleanse, I am bringing all that experience with people that have the exact same goals as you, to deliver the results you want. What I know for sure is that most people aren’t sure what to do. They need structure, but more importantly they need a COMMUNITY and a GUIDE to help them get their goals. What I love most about my gym is the DETOX guidance I provide. The truth is that we are bombarded daily by toxins. Everything from our air to water to the foods we eat all contain harmful carcinogenic compounds detrimental to our health. So what is the answer? To periodically cleanse the body. What I’ve created is a 14 day cleanse program that is designed to incorporate RAW FOODS, some simple FITNESS routines, and daily MEDITATIONS with affirmations to get you back on track.

This program is the perfect way to reboot your body, mind and spirit.

What I know for a fact is the process of detox doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be simple, fun, and educational.

Cleansing with the seasons is the most natural, perfect time to do this! IF you are ready, I’ve got the answer…

My detox program is UNIQUE!

  • I educate you on WHY you are doing what you are doing.
  • This makes the experience both fun and exciting as you learn.
  • I tell you everything you need to do, and create the structure for success!
  • I tell you what to eat for all of the meals and snacks of the day.
  • I coach throughout the cleanse and want you to experience success more than anything else! After the cleanse I’ll tell you how to re-integrate!

So what are the benefits?

  • Weight LOSS
  • Immune boost
  • Energy enhancement
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Fitness routine established
  • Stress reduction
  • Allergy relief
  • Digestion and gut function improved
Here’s some of the changes I’ve seen:
  • Feeling energized
  • Waking up in the morning refreshed and relaxed
  • Outlook improves
  • Belly fat reduced
  • Bloating goes away
  • Sugar cravings star to go away!
  • Glowing skin and sparkling eyes

This cleanse is…

A simple, approach to raw foods. We will be integrating raw foods into the diet, using green smoothies and other yummy raw recipes like raw oatmeal, chia seed porridge and more. There is no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, processed foods for 14 days. You are going to be eating REAL, WHOLE, healthy food! Everything is geared to reduce inflammation Are you a busy person? Perfect, this is a virtual format and everything is delivered to you in a simple, easy to use format. A menu plan with daily meal ideas. You will eat regularly. This is not a starvation diet. We are going to be shifting greatly the KINDS of things you eat, but it is totally doable. Actually, when we are done, you will wish you didn’t ever have to cook again… This is simple and easy!

4 Phase Approach

WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT? Phase 1: Your body adjust as you “ADD IN” some things like green smoothies, and extra fruit. We “CROWD OUT” the stuff that isn’t serving you anymore. This phase can be a little challenging as we give up the processed foods, caffeine, etc. Phase 2: Gradually add in more raw foods recipes, but we still get to eat dinner with the family! Phase 3: We shoot for even more raw foods, make some great recipes, and really work through any attachments to food, to cooking, to eating with others. The meditations are there to support you through this process… The truth is the real healing begins as we look at our attachments. Phase 4: Return to normal life prep!


LIVE Kick-Off Call will take place on Wednesday, November 5th at 7 pm CST. During the call, I go over all the details. The call will be recorded so don’t worry if you miss it! Daily emails with meditations and affirmations.These are short 5-8 minute meditations designed to support you through the cleanse process. You have my support via email 100% of the time during the cleanse for asking questions, etc. SUPPORT GROUP. We have a private facebook group set up for you to ask any questions you like! A cleanse manual & Journal. This document contains recipes, menu planner, everything you need to be successful. The journal is for you reflections after you do the meditations and for you to record how you feel during the cleanse. This document is a .pdf and can be downloaded to your computer for you to use. You also get these BONUSES: Cleanse Prep Guide. Receive information on how to prepare for your cleanse. Shopping lists, ways to begin “lightening” what you eat 1-2 days prior to the cleanse, etc. Return to Life Guide. This guide will help you re-integrate!
OPTIONAL Supplement ideas. Most of us have digestion or gut issues. These supplements are included in the cleanse manual to help support you while cleansing.

14 day Raw Food & Spiritual Cleanse

Greg Barnett Xyz company name

I lost about 12 pounds on the cleanse program and most rewarding, I’ve kept the weight off. More amazing to me is the change in my sleep pattern. I’ve always been a ‘night person’ and I would stay up later than I should because I knew I couldn’t fall asleep. Of course, I wake up grouchy. I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day!”

Tom Parman Xyz company name

“I had a great experience working with Travis. I felt going into his programs that it was going to be a challenge and I dared myself to follow it thru to the end. I felt odd the first 3 days as my body shed toxins, but then felt great. Good sleep, mental clarity. I would suggest teaming up with a spouse, friend, etc. It is so worth it! Besides the 12 pounds I lost, it was the educating of myself on what I was fueling my body with!”

Lori Peterson

This has been what I needed to get me off the couch and back in shape. Just got back from a Dr. appointment. My cholesterol and glucose numbers are all down so I think the exercise and diet is doing my body good! Thanks for being such a positive and upbeat coach!”

Becky Poling

“This has been a life changing experience for me. I have increased energy, less stress, I feel good in my own skin, and overall it has improved my relationships and my life. I can’t wait to see what Travis will bring us ”

14 Day Raw Food & Spiritual Cleanse STARTS November 10th! READY TO SIGN UP? HERE’S HOW: 1: You can sign up for your cleanse by clicking “BUY NOW” below… 2: Next, you will receive an email from me with information on our Kick-Off call, and the cleanse prep guide. 3: Nov. 10th we start! (Look for daily emails starting on the 10th) Get your life back! This cleanse is all about helping you to feel better than you’ve ever felt before. I expect your energy to shoot up, your sleep to improve, and your stress to dissipate. I expect
your energy to shoot up, your sleep to improve, and your stress to dissipate. I created this program so that in just 14 days, you see and feel totally different than you did before. I want you to feel confident in how you look, how you think, and how you feel. Whether that’s fitting into that smaller dress size, or those tight fitting jeans, starting an exercise program or going on that first date, this cleanse will give you a jump-start on your progress….I’d love to have you in this cleanse! I’m waiting for you! See you on the other side

LIVE Group starts Nov. 10th!

10% off early bird discount for 1st 10 to sign up!

ONE PERSON – $119(BEFORE discount)

YOU AND A BUDDY – $197 (BEFORE discount)

* If you plan to cleanse with me every season, you are in luck! Ask me about my 12 month group program! (Coming soon – Launching January 12th)

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