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Written by
Travis Richardson

The Doors Are Open To My Group Coaching Program!

First, I’m very pleased to announce that soon I’ll be opening

the doors to my LifeShift Group Transformation Program!

Brad’s Kombucha!

Is that an alien in there? :)

I do this twice a year, and oh my gosh I can’t believe it’s getting to be that time again!!!  My last group started in January and they are kicking butt!!!

(They just finished their kombucha project!!!  Check out one of my participants yummy project to the right —–>)

Here’s the thing…

I have tons of people tell me that they have so many experts they have to listen to.  One for digestion, one for emotional support, one for fitness and bodyshaping,

one for detox, etc. etc. etc….  So many viewpoints, so much confusion…

So I created a program for people that does it all! 

  • Nutrition… CHECK!
  • Fitness… CHECK!
  • Mindset…. CHECK!
  • Accountability…. CHECK!

Do you need to work on any of these?

 Your weight…

 Your energy level…

 Your emotions…

 Your motivation…

 Your enthusiasm…

 Your consistency…

 Your relationships…

I’ve created a comprehensive, fun approach to combining
Coach Travis says….

“Earn your belt grasshopper!”

the key elements of nutrition, fitness & mindset into one
cohesive system that centers around community and group effort that gets myself and my clients results.
They even have a “belt” and earn points to move up in rank!!! 
It’s a fun way to stay motivated, and stay on track with everything we do!
You know, I’ve seen literally 1000s of people sign up at my gyms and so many of them don’t get the results

they are looking for.

They didn’t have a system, and they didn’t have a coach.

I literally created this online health coaching platform SPECIFICALLY because I’ve seen such disappointing results in the gym.

Would you like to know more?  

I’ve created a page that for early-birds who want a special deal…

Click HERE to learn more…

Put your name on the list and I’ll send you additional details

and information when we start taking registrations!

Which is gonna be soon!!!

Put your name on the list here…

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