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Written by
Travis Richardson

The Secret To Sustainable Change


  I have to tell you something.

I have figured out (again!) the secret to create sustainable change.
It’s community… 
I came upon this realization after being in Ecuador for 2 weeks with like-minded health and transformational leaders.  Wow the feeling of being around these experts just felt soooooooo good!
But let me back up for a minute…
Lately, before this trip, I’d been feeling blah.  
You know, just out of it.  Not super motivated.
Not super excited about things.  Kind of in a rut actually.
You see, I work from home, and am not always around people that can support me in my life.  Being in Ecuador, around others that “get me” was like a fish finally finding it’s school of
other fishes!  
I was enlivened.  I felt invigorated.  I felt recharged!
So I was thinking about how this relates
to weight loss, transformation, and change in general.  Like, what moves people forward… What really moves them.  Is it a specific diet, a particular plan, what is it?
What I came to not just know, but what I came to feel​ deeply, is that workout programs, nutrition plans, supplement lists, etc. are all great and needed, but what really makes everything work is how supported you feel during the day.
So let me ask you
Do YOU feel supported?
Are you thriving in your school of fish, or are you feeling alone?
I guarantee the stress of isolation, and not having a tribe to run with is one of the strongest reasons why people fall of their programs and fail to execute.
How long
has it been since you’ve felt supported?  Felt like a part of something? 
Do you want to change that?
I’m inviting you to join a school of fish.  If you are ready to stop doing things the hard way (alone) and need a tribe of support, you’ve got one ready and waiting!
I’m currently accepting applications for my
Shift program starting in July.  This is a Life overhaul and is designed to help you get the body and the life you want.  
Come swim with us!
If you are ready, just fill out an application (I only take committed people, who I feel are a good fit.  That’s not everyone…)
Here’s the application here:
PS… Don’t swim alone!  Come swim with us!  Click here to apply!




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