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Travis Richardson

This is your chance – Help me co-create your next health summit!

Body Black Belt Summit Version 2.0!

Do you recall my last summit I did some months ago (Bodyblackbeltsummit)?

Well guess what?

Due to popular demand, I’m bringing it back!

Version 2.0 of this summit will launch March 16th, 2015!  So I’m asking for YOUR help…

What do you want to know?  Who else should I interview? Let me know here!

This is your chance to help me co-create yet another amazing summit with experts on nutrition, fitness &  mindset.  I’ve got a great list going here covering a whole host of natural health experts!  We will be talking about a ton of things… Everything from hormones, paleo diet, raw vegan diet, movement and fitness, gut health, auto-immune issues, energy and metabolism, EFT (emotional freedom technique), forgiveness and spiritual concerns , etc…

The whole point of the summit is to take a good, hard look at self-mastery and what it takes to live an optimized, kick-ass life!

All I need is a couple minutes of your time and your super valuable input to help me guide the conversation!

—->Click here to help!

Here are some of the speakers I’ve got lined up already!

  • JJ Finzanes (Weight loss, fitness, personal trainer)
  • Dr. Mike Nelson (Extreme Human Performance)
  • George Bryant (Paleo diet)
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean (Wellness expert, naturopath)
  • Coach Yadi (Fitness & transformation expert)
  • Dr. Sam Mielcarski (Health transformation &  consultant)
  • Dr. David Jockers (Chiropractor)
  • Brad Yates (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Ellen Livingston (Heath and life coaching)
  • Loren Lockman (Fasting specialist)
  • Anthea Falkiner (Raw food expert)
  • Roy Nelson (Spiritual leader)
  • Nichole Kellerman (Wildly Alive Weight loss)
  • Frank Ferrante (Personal Transformation)
  • Dr. Aarland Hill (Chriropractic, Wellness specialist)
  • Esther Blum (Weight loss, women’s paleo)
  • Dr. Teray Garchitorena (naturopath,  happiness consultant)
  • Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (chiropractor and natural health expert)

ps… I’m dedicated to your health and I really want to answer all of your questions with this summit.  I’m gathering the best and the brightest!  Just help me out right here purty please :)

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