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Written by
Travis Richardson

What Feels Good Now? 4 Ways to Reconnect with What’s Real

In this age of technology, and despite our social media, apps and devices, it is so easy to lose our connection with our selves and others.  Today for some reason, I was really feeling it.

Today I was moved to tears…

I came across a movie by my friend, and former online tele-summit speaker, Misty Tripoli, founder of the GROOVE Movement.  Misty inspires people to move naturally, dance who they are, and find freedom.  (BTW, If you want to know which video, just let me know and I’ll forward you the link.  It’s ahh-mazing!)

I don’t know what it was exactly that moved me so much.

Maybe it was the natural beauty of the beach in Tulum, Mexico that they were dancing on?

Or maybe it was the particular song that was playing.

Then again, it could have been the authentic JOY that I saw on the participants faces from being together…

I think mostly it was a deep longing for the feeling of absolute freedom.

I literally started crying at my desk.  All alone, just me and my computer.  I wanted to feel that freedom too!  So my computer and I broke down, together!

We broke down together!

But that’s the thing… It was just me… and my computer.

Today we live in a world where it is literally possible to do everything remotely, without even seeing another human being in person!

I realized that I’m missing something.  That something is a regular injection of passion and joy.  Of PURE Feeling!  You know, that spine-tingly, warming FEELING you get when you are just in the right place, with the right people, doing the right things?

In general our culture struggles with feeling.

Let me explain.

First of all, we care a lot less about how we feel, than we do how we look.  We are mass consumers of images of others, and we spend little to no time consuming and digesting our own thoughts about how we feel inside. It’s just easier to zone out, right?

We have given up vibrant, nutritious food for processed junk that is killing us.  That junk stops our natural way of feeling dead in its tracks, providing us a sedative to the pain of life.

We have given up the natural movement of our bodies for a sedentary lifestyle.  For some of us, we go to gyms, but we often do the same thing, repetitively, like a rat in a cage! How fun is it to run on a treadmill for 60 minutes the rest of your life?  It isn’t!

We’ve stopped doing what humans have been doing for thousands of years…

Moving & Feeling & Eating Naturally!

So I realized that our modern lifestyle is a very new experiment which, even in its infancy, is showing us the horrendous consequences of a processed, artificial lifestyle…

We are sick, tired, and sick of being sick and tired!

So what can we do?  Well, to start I know this for sure…

We can’t 
think our way out of this. 


We are going to have to feel our way out.  Thinking has built the world we see.  Looking around, many of us aren’t happy with it.  So the solution is to use our feelings, our heart, our joy to solve these problems.


We must ask the question,
What feels good now?”


We can for one, start to learn how our bodies are meant to move.  What feels good now?…. I urge you… Try dancing in the dark to your favorite music… I promise it will awaken something in you that you didn’t know was there.

Secondly, start to pay attention to how you feel when you eat.  What feels good now? Slow down.  Pray over your food. Eat with company.  Make conversation and your family why you are eating, and NOT the food.

Third, we need to take technology breaks… Put the screens away.  Check inside and see what’s up… How is your breathing?  How do you feel just as you are?  Do you notice any resistance to the present moment?  Again, what feels good now? These questions are liberating questions and some of the most important you can ask.

We also need to CONNECT with OTHERS

We need to form tribes that are supportive…

I recommend the following (I’m doing these right now)

1.  Reach out to like-minded freedom thinkers and form a tribe locally.  

Today for example, I met with a colleague over coffee. We are all about planning a life of freedom together!  We both want the same things.  Guess what?  We will both get to our goals faster if we support each other.

2. Form a tribe remotely.

Let’s face it… The internet isn’t going away… EVER…So my tribe is YOU!  You are all my tribe and I LOVE IT every time I write an email and get a response.  Sometimes it’s a thank you, or maybe it’s someone resonating with me.  Maybe someone signs up to work with me and I get them in the best shape of their life.  I love every level of interaction from my online tribe who believe that nutrition, fitness & mindset are all keys to a vibrant life!

3. Commit to natural movement or dancing.

Dance is the fastest way to express what’s inside.  Period.  It can set you free.  In most indigenous human civilizations, it literally is used as sacred ceremony.  There is a reason and I beg you to find out why!!!  Shake it!!!  And don’t give a SH*T what people think of you, they’re just jealous of your freedom to move.  They really, secretly, want that for themselves… :)

4. Work on presence.

Start to connect with people.  Slow down, really listen, be patient.  This is the ULTIMATE form of connection.  Connect authentically and from a place of compassion, gratitude, and reverence for life.

So how are you feeling now?

Take a moment and take inventory?


On edge?

At peace?

Where do you feel it?


Solar Plexus?


What does it feel like?




You can check-in whenever you like and learn a lot…

I love you dearly!  Please FEEL your way out of whatever you going through at the moment… Have you ever “thought” your way out of anything before?  No, you based your action on emotion.  What’s different now?  Use your heart, your love, and pray for guidance!

Want a session with me to assist?  I’d love to be there for you Travis.  Just hit reply if you need anything…

Sending you massive good juju feelings right now!


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  1. Joe says:

    Great post Travis!!


  2. Becky says:

    I agree that we’re dealing with “the horrendous consequences of a processed, artificial lifestyle” and that awareness of feelings has been relegated to the back seat … so far back that the most basic purpose for our lives has been ignored so long, it’s forgotten. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

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